Walking With Jesus through Co-Dependency


This is a 30-week commitment using the Spiritual Journey Workbook to break the Co-Dependency habits. Co-Dependency comes in all shapes and sizes, and from various sources.


1. Alcoholic/Addicted Parents
2. Addicted/Alcoholic Step-Parents
3. Addictions,
4. Alcoholic/Addicted sibling, friend, or relatives.
5. Controlling parent, spouse, boss, relationships.
6. Dry Alcoholics/Addicts
7. Manipulation
8. Verbal abuse
The list goes on.


If your life feels out of control in some areas, this group may be your path from chaos to freedom.


Cost is $20.00 dollars for book and other materials. $5.00 for each session.




The Growing Place

1074 East Ave., Suite A-4, Chico, CA 95926

For more information call TGP at:

Telephone: (530) 588-0448


The reward for taking this Spiritual Journey to Freedom…… Priceless!