This is an elective course in the Life Coaching Certification Series through The American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC). Elective courses can be taken separately or as continuing education for Certified Life Coaches. This course includes all materials for a life coaching elective and a group facilitator. Elective courses  are scheduled when the minimum number of participants are enrolled. Contact The Growing Place at (530) 588-0448 if you are interested in this course.


Spiritual Formation Coaching 12-Hour Certificate Training Course


For many, faith and spirituality are an essential element in how to approach life, problems and relationships. Though spiritual formation coaching is still a growing area in the field, these experts challenge participants to apply faith-based principles and a Christian coaching orientation to their practice. The ways in which one may obtain spiritual fulfillment, develop a God-concept and apply spiritual disciplines are explained, as well as basic biblical truths which are sure to transform one's coaching practice.  


MLCSF 101: Introduction to Spiritual Formation Coaching: Panel Interview

MLCSF 102: The Spiritual Life: Experiencing God in the Here and Now

MLCSF 103: Spiritual Disciplines: Helping Ordinary People Grow Spiritually

MLCSF 104: The Image of God and Spiritual Formation Coaching

MLCSF 105: Turn Your Life Around: Breaking Free from Your Past to a New You

MLCSF 106: Why Relationships Matter: Connecting with God and Others

MLCSF 107: Living Beyond Your Circumstances

MLCSF 108: Soul Coaching from the Proverbs

MLCSF 109: Transforming Fear into Faith

MLCSF 110: Developing a Rule for Life: Having a Well-ordered Heart

MLCSF 111: Secure in Christ: Set Free to Serve Others

MLCSF 112: An Active Faith: Pressing Inward and Onward Toward the Heart of God