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This is an elective course in the Life Coaching Certification Series through The American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC). Elective courses can be taken separately or as continuing education for Certified Life Coaches. This course includes all materials for a life coaching elective and a group facilitator. Elective courses  are scheduled when the minimum number of participants are enrolled. Contact The Growing Place at (530) 588-0448 if you are interested in this course. 


Leadership Coaching 12-Hour Certificate Training Course


MLCL 101: Life Leadership: What Separates People

MLCL 102: Unity: The First Task of A Leader

MLCL 103: Ambassadors for Christ: The Message of Servant Leadership

MLCL 104: Essential Elements to Effective Leadership Coaching

MLCL 105: Finding Your Voice: Every Leader Has A Story

MLCL 106: Strategies to Empower the Executives You Coach

MLCL 107: Leading Through Tough Times

MLCL 108: Culturally Competent Leadership

MLCL 109: Leading Multiple Generations

MLCL 110: Project Management for Leaders

MLCL 111: Leaders Partnering at Home and at Work

MLCL 112: Becoming A Great Leader: Running the Race with Endurance