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This is an elective course in the Life Coaching Certification Series through The American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC). Elective courses can be taken separately or as continuing education for Certified Life Coaches. This course includes all materials for a life coaching elective and a group facilitator. Elective courses  are scheduled when the minimum number of participants are enrolled. Contact The Growing Place at (530) 588-0448 if you are interested in this course.


Stress Management Coaching 12-Hour Certificate Training Course


MLCS 101: Introduction to Stress Management Coaching

MLCS 102: Using the Stress Test to Measure and Manage Pressure Points

MLCS 103: Life on the Edge: Tension and Toxic Living

MLCS 104: Stress and Anxiety: Understanding the Brain=Body Connection

MLCS 105: Pressing Through: Managing Chronic Stress and Illness

MLCS 106: The Overlaod Syndrome: Addicted to Adrenaline

MLCS 107: The Hurried Woman Syndrome: Addicted to People Pleasing

MLCS 108: Thrilled to Death: The Loss of Pleasure

MLCS 109: Coaching the Whole Person: Moving From Stress to Strength

MLCS 110: Emotional Survival: Building Stress Resilience

MLCS 111: Compassion Fatigue: Managing the High Cost of Care

MLCS 112: The Rest Principle: Spiritual Peace in a Chaotic World