Courageous Living Series


Join us on Saturday mornings at 10 a.m. this summer for The Growing Place's Life Skills Study Program using the Courageous Living DVD Series. Each presentation provides clinically sensitive, relevant and Christ-centered insights for individuals and/or families struggling with personal or relational issues. Each lesson features a leading Christian counselor and Certified Life Coach who share their years of professional experience and wisdom. No cost but financial support for facility use is appreciated.


You are invited to participate in our Courageous Living Survey! Please share with us your topics of interest to help us determine future schedules. Call Heather at (530) 588-0448.



1. A.L.I.V.E.: Always Living in View of Eternity; Ken Nichols, Ph.D.
2. Alcoholism; David Jenkins, Psy.D.
3. Anger Management; Gary Oliver, Th.M., Ph.D.
4. Autism Spectrum Disorder; Eric Scalise, Ph.D.
5. Battling Bi-Polar Disorder; Michael Lyles, M.D.
6. Blended Families; David Stoop, Ph.D.
7. Breaking the Bonds of Sexual Addiction; Mark Laaser, Ph.D.
8. Broken Trust – For Survivors of Sexual Abuse; Dan Allender, Ph.D.
9. Cancer: Seven Things You Need to Know to Help; Georgia Shaffer, M.A.
10. Career Directions – Understanding What Shapes Your Future; Leslie Parrott, Ed.D.
11. Caught in the Middle – For Children Struggling with the Pain of Separation & Divorce; Tom Whiteman, Ph.D.
12. Cents and Sensibility: Managing Money in Marriage; Scott and Bethany Palmer
13. Choose Joy: Peace During Life’s Darkest Moments; Gary Oliver, Th.M., Ph.D.
14. Compassion Fatigue: Caring for the Crisis Caregiver; Kevin Ellers & Jennifer Cisney
15. Coping With Depression: A Message of Hope for Those Held Captive by Depression; Chris Thurman, Ph.D.
16. NEW! Core Longings: The Desires of the Soul; Robert Shaw, M.A., D.Min.
17. Creating A Win-Win Marriage: Communication, Conflicts and Decisions; Eric Scalise, Ph.D.
18. NEW! Depression, Mood Disorders and Suicide; Eric Scalise, Ph.D.
19. Divorce Recovery: For Those Starting Over Again; Tom Whiteman, Ph.D.
20. Domestic Violence, Rape and Sexual Assault; Robert Shaw, M.A., D.Min.
21. NEW! Emotional Safety: Raising Kids Who Live, Love and Lead Well; Joshua Straub, Ph.D.
22. Escaping the Guilt Trap: Freeing Yourself From Shame and Guilt; Les Parrott, III, Ph.D.
23. Facing ADHD: Assessment & Treatment of the ADHD Child; Dr. Grant Martin
24. Finding Truth: Dispelling the Lies That Can Destroy Your Life; Chris Thurman, Ph.D.
25. Forgiveness; David Stoop, Ph.D.
26. From Mourning to Morning: Grief and Loss; Linda Mintle, Ph.D.
27. Getting Unstuck: The Road to Healing and Recovery; Eric Scalise, Ph.D.
28. Infidelity; David Carder, M.A.
29. NEW! Living on Purpose, Experiencing Fullness of Life and Favor with God; Ken Nichols, Psy.D.
30. NEW! Love on the Rocks: Coming Out of the Pain; Tim Clinton, Ed.D.
31. NEW! Love on the Rocks: How Couples Lose at Love & Marriage; Tim Clinton, Ed.D.
32. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Freedom From A Mind That Won’t Quit; Michael Lyles, M.D.
33. Overcoming Anxiety; Archibald Hart, Ph.D.
34. Preparing for Remarriage; Tom Whiteman, Ph.D.
35. Psychiatric Medication and the Christian; Michael Lyles, M.D.
36. Seven Habits of a Healthy Marriage; Eric Scalise, Ph.D.
37. Sexual Hope: Resolving Common Problems; Doug Rosenau, Ed.D.
38. Shame Off You: Made In The Image of God; David Jenkins, Psy.D.
39. Straight Talk: Effective Communication Between Couples; Paris Finner-Williams, Ph.D.
40. NEW! Strategic Design: The Image of God; David Jenkins, Psy.D.
41. Strength for the Courageous Journey of Parenting Teens; Catherine Hart Weber, Ph.D.
42. The Fear Knots of Your Heart; Ken Nichols, Ph.D.
43. The Power of Perspective: Retaining A Vision for God Through Times of Crisis and Trauma; Gary Oliver, Th.M., Ph.D.
44. The Silent Struggle of Infertility; Eric Scalise, Ph.D. & Linda Mintle, Ph.D.
45. Understanding Addictions; Eric Scalise, Ph.D.
46. Understanding Your Emotions; David Stoop, Ph.D.
47. NEW! We Need to Talk: Successfully Navigating Conflict; Linda Mintle, Ph.D.
48. NEW! Wired: Raising Kids in a Technology Driven World; Joshua Straub, Ph.D.
49. You and Your Body: Understanding Eating Disorders; Linda Mintle, Ph.D.
50. NEW! Your Emotions: Flourishing in a Digital World; Catherine Hart Weber, Ph.D. and Sylvia Frejd, M.A., D.Min.


Facilitator: Heather Dorris, Certified Life Coach

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